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One flock just left, and another will arrive soon. You need a break.

Atlantic Farms knows you are on a tight schedule, and we have the know-how, technology, people, and the experience to make sure your poultry house is taken care of. Rest easy while we handle everything from clean-out to in-house composting, and know that your house is in good hands!

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Our Services

  • Manure Broker
  • Manure Sampling
  • Clean-Out
  • Crust Out
  • Windrowing
  • Litter Sales & Delivery
  • Shaving Sales & Delivery
  • Spreading
  • Crushed Stone Delivery

Why In-House Composting?

As a poultry grower, you know the complications associated with litter cleanout and the small window of time you often have for getting the job done. In-house windrow composting allows you to the flexibility to do cleanout when it fits your schedule, extend your litter life, and reduce disease.

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